Is your corporate image and presentation affecting your bottom line earnings?

Your corporate image and how you present can seriously affect your bottom line. It can also attract new clients, shareholders and future quality employees.

How you present sums up everything about your company, its values, mission and the very reason it exists. It communicates a very clear message about who you are, what you stand for, and what can be expected when we do business with you and your staff.

Customers like to buy from companies that are like them, that share similar standards and self-image. No one likes to downgrade to a product or service they perceive inferior to what they believe they are worth.

In the health care industry in particular, the image your company portrays will help you position your business for continued success in a market that is about to experience even higher levels of competition than it does now.

With consumers entering the aged care market ultimately having the final say in where they would like to be cared for, how your facility and its staff present is the first and most powerful factor that can influence their initial impression.

Your reputation and level of client care is what is will enforce the initial impression and help build the trust and confidence families look for in an aged care facility.

In addition, a positive and professional image will attract investors and quality staff who are looking for high performance careers in a quality establishment.

Many facilities are now projecting a 5 star approach, similar to luxury hotels and resort locations.

Are you living up to the 5 star experience?

Take a look in the mirror through the eyes of your customer.  Does your brand present well? What does your appearance communicate to your customer?   High value, trust, and confidence? Or, low quality, low value, and second-rate service?

Does the current appearance of your corporate image position you positively in the mind of your customer. Even the tiniest flaw can seriously impact the impression your clients have of your business and consequently whether they want to do business with you at all.

Investing in a corporate image makeover, refresh, or revisiting your dress code policy can go a long way to protecting your bottom line. Think of it as an insurance towards sustainable success.

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