Choosing the right uniform can lead to greater brand success

Companies that disregard the impact of style and colouring choosing the right uniform just might find they are missing out on significant business, instead of enjoying greater brand success.

Over the years, research has proven that there are strong psychological links to what an individual feel, thinks and acts when they dress a certain way and also in reverse, how they feel, think and act towards someone else who dresses a certain way.

In business, this is critical. Why?

First impressions are the most powerful of all, and can directly influence how quickly a person is able to build rapport and trust with others, thereby encouraging the relationship to move forward.

If you meet someone for the first time and your impression is favourable, for example, they are clean, well groomed, and look like who their name badge says they are, then all is fine.

If however, you have the tiniest doubt that you may not like them, feel uncomfortable, and that they lack credibility because of how they present, then its going to take a lot longer for them to win your respect and confidence.

A uniform is the essential nonverbal, conscious statement that your staff have the skills and knowledge to perform and care.

Now take this theory into aged care, where your clients need to not only feel attracted to your company facilities, they also need to be comfortable with how your staff present and communicate, and this is where the problem lies.

If your staff feel indifferent towards the uniform they are wearing for whatever reason, then they will not wear it well and their level of service can be compromised, again affecting your brand success.  Individuals who know they look good, feel good, and from a self esteem perspective, this does a lot to how they communicate, verbally and non verbally.

“It’s about self esteem – if you feel awkward because something doesn’t fit properly then you’re less likely to be assertive” study from Nursing Times

It might be subtle, but if a woman in her mature years feels that her changing body shape is far from being complimented by what she wears at work, then the chances of her bothering with her personal grooming will also decline.

It’s a similar argument with the colour that she might have to wear. Colour is vitally important to how a person feels, so if someone is wearing a colour that is not complimentary to their skin-tone, they can instantly look older , tired, sick and less intelligent.

Colour affects mood too, so taking time to consider the impact a colour will have on your staff, as well as the clients you serve can go a long way to how you are perceived.

So, imagine that you have a prospective client attend one of your facilities to meet the resident manager or head of staff who is not feeling overly attractive in their uniform, because the style is totally non-flattering and the colour is draining and uninviting. What messages might their body language convey to the client?

One of professionalism, care, pride in the company and what it stands for? Or might the impression they give be one of complacency, lack of attention to detail, lack of care for the way they look?  If it’s the latter, that’s a sure way to lose business from the very clients you need to attract.

Then there’s the matter of attracting and keeping the right staff.

Presenting as a company that truly values its staff with current, stylish, purpose driven and fashion forward uniforms is the best way to stand out as a leader in your field who is committed to excellence.

There’s a difference to applying for a job because its just a job or applying for a position in a company that has strong moral ethics, values and clearly has its staff interests at heart. Individuals looking for good positions apply to companies that have a strong identity that is represented first and foremost through how the staff dress.

“To me your uniform reflects the pride you have in your job … you don’t have pride in yourself, you don’t have pride in your job, therefore you are not going to be as willing to provide good care”  Nursing times study

The right uniform a company chooses helps to portray a competent and trustworthy image and commands a certain level of respect as they are often associated with the type of company you are, for example “prestige” . This contributes to brand success.

Attracting the right clients, having the right staff, and projecting the right image all go hand in hand to creating brand success.

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Julie Hyne
Stylist and Image Professional
Founder: Julie Hyne Corporate Apparel Solutions