1502-017_03_C_SM_SMALLImage and Style Professional, Julie Hyne lives and breathes personal and corporate style and branding with a passion for excellence in everything from how you present to how you communicate and perform. Julie is the Principal Director at Julie Hyne Image Stylist, Author, Trainer and Presenter, and with her ‘can do’ attitude and professional edge, she inspires and motivates individuals to perform at their peak by empowering them with unsurpassed confidence in their presence and appearance.

Julie’s innate ability to articulate the needs of a company or individual when it comes to making a powerful first impression has positioned her as a dynamic leader in the Styling and Image arena and often the Corporate apparel ‘go to’ girl.

Julie Hyne is a successful business owner, accomplished and experienced trainer, executive stylist, public speaker and presenter.

‘With over 30 years of experience in industries where image and appearance is your key to success, working with me will help you to develop a strategic approach to an image transformation that truly represents you and your brand in a credible, confident and magnetic way!

Julie’s passion and knowledge for image coupled with her caring nature has made her a respected and successful executive stylist, and impression management agent empowering CEO’s, their management and staff to not only achieve their personal and professional best but accelerate the results of the company they work for.

Julie is accredited with the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) and holds a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Modelling, Certificate in TV and Media Presenting, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Throughout her career, Julie has worked with major blue chip corporations, hospitality and hotel organisations as well as the airline industry, before starting her own well-respected image consultancy in Melbourne.

Julie has also owned her own retail beauty and skin clinic, written an online training program for the salon industry centered around Image, branding, communication and customer service, and has authored and published her own book.

Style and Image is a career that found Julie as this is where she is meant to be.