Corporate Apparel Solutions promise an easy way to dress your staff to create the right first impression!

First impressions really do count!

Companies who understand that clients will make a judgment call as to their level of professionalism care and authenticity based on how their staff dress will be the ones that are more successful.

Research has proven that selecting the right uniform not only raises the value of your products and services in your customers minds; it also tells your staff that you value them too.

This will result in greater loyalty, higher self esteem, confidence and increased levels of professionalism.

It is altruism that how your staff looks and feels speak volumes about your corporate values and defining culture. It will add to the impact your company has on potential clients, shareholders and on your ability to attract future quality employees.

Having a uniform is an extension of your brand image and integrity, and can seriously affect your Company’s success.

At Corporate Apparel Solutions we understand that updating a new branded look for companies with sizeable staff is not without its challenges.

If choosing the right style, colour, design, and appearance isn’t enough, then there is the added complexity of functionality, performance and practicality to consider as well as comfort and fit.

Our experience is that this whole process wastes valuable time and resources, and quite often we see that the best result for the company or your staff is still not achieved.

The long term side effects of this long drawn out procurement process can undermine the positive image you have set out to create in the first place.

The good news is selecting the right apparel program doesn’t have to be difficult.

It’s why I have launched Corporate Apparel Solutions. It’s a simple but supreme system that embraces apparel concept, design, manufacture and physical implementation.

Supported with my extensive experience in Image Management and personal styling, Corporate Apparel Solutions promises to deliver expert image advice, superior style, fashion ability and design, fit, functionality, performance, and fulfillment long after the initial concept is agreed upon.

Working with us will ensure your staff are dressed for success, look and feel confident and competent, and showcase the integrity of your Company by what they wear.

With competition in your industry so high and a business environment that doesn’t bear misrepresentation lightly, you must be able to project an image that is not only attractive, but one that communicates excellence, integrity and a positive and professional identity.

That’s what the right Corporate Apparel Solution can do for you.

For a confidential free assessment, call Julie now on 0433114841.

Corporate Apparel Solutions