Learn How Dressing Your Staff Can Be Easy

One of the biggest issues companies face when changing their corporate uniform is helping their staff look and feel great too. This not only increases a staffs self esteem and confidence, it builds loyalty and ensures that your brand integrity and identity is never compromised. Your staff can be dressed for success and project a level of professionalism that conveys credibility, authenticity and trust for your clients.

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Companies who understand that clients will make a judgement call as to their level of professionalism, care and authenticity based on how their staff appear will be the ones that are successful.

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Corporate Apparel Solutions

Julie has extensive experience working in many industries that place a high importance on their image and presentation and the message that delivers to their clients, future employees and investors. Her passion, dedication, and knowledge will ensure you arrive at the very best solution to meet with the needs of your organization.


Working in healthcare can mean long days filled with tasks that are physical and demanding. You need a garment that not only fits and looks great, but will move with your body, absorb moisture and maintain a professional appearance.


The success of any company can be directly related to the image and impression it makes on its clients, and that starts with how well your staff present, even before they interact and communicate.


Working in hospitality requires you to project warmth, confidence, professionalism and friendliness, as well as be able to perform your job role to the best of your ability.

Beauty and Spa

Working in a salon or spa is similar to healthcare. It’s demanding and physical and you are expected to look immaculate and polished at all times. I know, I owned my own salon for many years and how my staff presented was top priority.

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Owning a powerful and magnetic image is not just about dressing your staff in the same garment. Be informed through Julie’s articles on image and impression management on just how much you need to know to create a first and lasting impression with the people who matter.

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